Gallery & Testimonials

Past Attendees Say…

Craig & Michelle Bupp, 2018

We would come again to another retreat. Date night was my favorite part of the retreat. Reading the letter that was written and having time to express ourselves was beneficial for where we are in our marriage.

Chris Henry, 2018

This was our first marriage retreat since our children were young – 20+ years. We felt like we didn’t really need help– but guess what– it was helpful!

Lynn Teach, 2018

Loved the testimonies! So very powerful – in the lives of the hearers and in the lives of couple presenting their story! The live worship team was awesome and such a blessing to worship together with everyone.

Misty Banzoff, 2018

The timing of the events was perfect, watch video, answer questions, share with spouse. Loved the games with couples from the audience.

Lisa Grayson, 2018

Praise God for the opportunity to attend and learn. Thankful for all who shared. Really appreciated the personal testimonies. God’s blessing to all who participated and contributed to this event. We were truly blessed.

Brian and Renee Goodwin, 2018

A great mix of video, talking, activities,…really a lot of fun! A good date night, lots of good materials, and great tools to take home.

Phil and Linda Lucas, 2017

We had a wonderful weekend, a real time of togetherness… We have been blessed with 48 years of marriage so far. We learned a lot of things to draw us closer together and to understand why we are the way we are. It has indeed been an original experience for us and well worth the time to spend coming to this retreat.

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